Sony DSC-WX500/R

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30x zoom lens with ZEISS® quality built in

The result of over a century and a half of ZEISS expertise in high-precision optics is perfectly clear: this 24-720mm lens renders portrait, close-up, and landscape images in natural glory from every perspective, with vivid sharpness and contrast intact. ZEISS T* multi-layer anti-reflective coating effectively eliminates surface ghosting and flare.

Exmor R™ CMOS sensor for extra sensitivity

The more light is allowed to strike a sensor, the more brilliant a resulting image will look. So the Exmor R CMOS sensor with 18.2 effective megapixels employs back-illuminated design to let four times more light in than a more conventional sensor, is twice as sensitive to light, and even features Sony Column A/D Conversion technology to reduce image noise.

BIONZ X™ for more detail and less noise

To transform data from the Exmor R CMOS sensor into high-resolution images, the BIONZ X image processor integrates detail reproduction, diffraction-reducing and area-specific noise reduction technologies. This combination makes it possible to reproduce realistic images of truer colours and textures with exceptional precision in real time.

180-degree tiltable LCD monitor for easy framing

The high-resolution LCD monitor on the camera back can be tilted up to 180 degrees. So when you're in front of the camera, you can easily view the LCD monitor to check the framing before you shoot a selfie, for example. This flexibility also lets you comfortably maintain stress-free posture while monitoring a scene that you want to shoot at a low position.

Beauty Effect improves appearance

Retouch the appearance of people in photos quickly and intuitively. With the five modes of Beauty Effect, you can smooth skin, tone skin, dull overly glistening skin, widen eyes and brighten teeth — all in camera, with no need for a PC. Your subjects will love how they can look almost magically enhanced in your portraits.

One-touch remote and one-touch sharing

One-touch remote lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a viewfinder and remote control for a digital camera, and one-touch sharing lets you transfer your photos and videos from your camera. Either way, by installing PlayMemories Mobile app to your NFC enable Android smartphone or tablet, you can avoid complex set-up sequences and establish wireless connection simply by touching your device to the camera. You are now ready to control your camera from your smartphone to take a photo from a previously out-of-reach spot, or simply be in your own group shot, as well as transfer them instantly to your smartphone for sharing on SNS. No NFC? No problem. You can also pair the devices manually.

P/A/S/M exposure modes and Photo Creativity

Express your vision of still images with Programmed AE (P)/Aperture priority (A)/Shutter-speed priority (S)/Manual (M) exposure modes. Use these to manually control exposure, to adjust background blur, for example. Photo Creativity also lets you make adjustments intuitively to change brightness, colour, vividness and other image characteristics.

More flexible movie formats

The new XAVC S format captures movies detailing extra-smooth action and high-quality sound with great fidelity to the original sources. Whether you’re shooting in XAVC S or high-definition AVCHD format, you can also simultaneously record another version of the same scene in a compressed, web-friendly MP4 format for convenient sharing.

Keep running strong

Don't worry about depleting your camera battery while you're on the road. The fully charged lithium-ion battery of the WX500 provides enough power to shoot approx. 400 stills or record approx. 75 minutes of movie footage, so you won't miss out on a great photo opportunity.

Match colour to suit your style

The WX500 is available in black, white or red. Also, a soft Sony camera case/lens jacket/shoulder strap set is a practical, stylish optional accessory in your choice of three colours to suit your mood or camera.

Intelligent Active Mode keeps blur away

Have no fear of handheld movie shooting. Intelligent Active Mode, featuring Sony's advanced frame-analysis technology and 5-axis6 image stabilisation, compensates for camera shake. This mode reduces the blurriness that tends to occur in images when shooting handheld or shooting while chasing a subject in action.

Customisable settings for personal command

Assign frequently used functions (Focus mode, White Balance, Picture Effect, etc.) to customisable buttons and keys for easier, quicker access to such functions while shooting. For example, you can assign 12 functions to the Function button, then press it, choose a function, and adjust function parameters via the control ring or rear control wheel.

Extra-speedy & precise Fast Intelligent AF

An improved spatial object detection algorithm realises a more optimal and accurate lens drive to make AF even faster, for capturing more fleeting moments with ease.

PlayMemories Camera Apps add personality

Enhance your creative expression with PlayMemories Camera Apps, offering a growing range of enjoyable applications that are easy to download. Not only do these apps give you greater functionality — they are the ultimate means of personalising your camera to fulfill your photographic aims.

Производитель Sony
Тип цифровой камеры Компакткамеры
Система питания Аккумулятор
Вес (только корпус) 209 г
Габариты 101.6 x 58.1 x 35.5 мм
Число пикселей (Mpix) 18.2
Максимальное разрешение 4896 x 3264
Форматы изображений 16:94:33:21:1
Размер сенсора 1/2.3"
Тип сенсора Exmor R CMOS
Чувствительность камеры (ISO) 80 - 12800
Баланс белого Авто, 10 позиции + 1 пользователя
Оптический зум 30x
Цифровой зум 120x
Оптика ZEISS Vario Sonnar T*
Авто / Ручная фокусировка Да / Нет
Тип автофокусировки Автофокус с определением контрастности
Расстояние фокуса в макро режиме 4.1 - 123 мм
Диафрагма F3.5 - F6.4
Дисплей 3.0 дюйма (7.62 см)
Сенсорный дисплей Нет
Разрешение дисплея 921 600 пикселей
Видоискатель Да (Электронный видоискатель)
Вспышка Встроенная (Pop-Up)
Режимы вспышки АвтоВключеноВыключеноМедленная синхронизацияСинхронизация по задней шторке
Возможность присоеденить внешнюю вспышку Нет
Экспокоррекция - 3 EV до + 3 EV с шагом 1/3 EV
Диапазон выдержек 30 сек. - 1/2000 сек.
Видеозапись Full HD
Разрешение видеозаписи 1920 x 1080 (50 кадров/с)1920 x 1080 (60 кадров/с)
Микрофон Да (Стерео)
Встроенная память Нет
Тип карты памяти SD (Secure Digital)SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity)SDXC (Secure Digital Extended Capacity)Micro SD (Micro Secure Digital)Micro SDHC (Micro Secure Digital High Capacity)Micro SDXC (Micro Secure Digital Expended Capacity)Memory Stick DuoMemory Stick PRO DuoMemory Stick PRO Duo (High Speed)Memory Stick PRO-HG DuoMemory Stick Micro
USB порт Да (USB 2.0)
HDMI порт Да (micro)
WiFi соединение Да
Wi-Fi Direct Нет
Встроенный GPS Нет
3D фотографирование Нет
Специальные отметки BIONZ X™ процессор

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